About Us

2xWireless was created by a WISP out of their need to support true triple-play wireless broadband services. To date, no half-duplex PTMP wireless system could meet the needs of consumer demand for streaming video, VoIP and 10+ megabit broadband services. Only the local cable companies have been able to support these services, until now. A full-duplex 2×2 MIMO dual-radio Access Point was mated with a dual-radio 2×2 MIMO subscriber unit with FDD-TDMA protocols to achieve this goal.

If you are a WISP, your subscribers are already testing your ability to deliver voice and video services over your wireless network. Many WISP’s have had to opt out of providing these services. The full-duplex 2xWireless Access Point is designed to support 30 or more subscribers simultaneously streaming video and has a proprietary rate control system to make VoIP packets transmit at more robust data rates. This will allow your WISP to grow your subscriber base and capitalize on new revenue streams by offering triple-play services.

Designed for WISP’s by a WISP, 2xWireless equipment is the solution that you’ve been looking for. Call us today to try the next evolution in point to multi-point wireless technology.